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My works are about the insecure feeling I have when interacting with people based on everyday anecdotes. I share intimate emotions through the narratives of my glass sculptures. Using life-sized glass characters, my work manifests the anxiety generated by the fragility of trust and intimacy in human relationships. The medium of glass allows me to demonstrate the interdependent relationship of life. The nature of glassblowing requires close teamwork. Based on the logic of human coexistence, the further we are away from our community, the harder it is for us to feel peace and satisfaction. With the help and trust of other glassblowers, I create characters expressing my inner self in this safe community. The form and gestures of the characters evoke the audience's empathy. 

Our impression and interaction with an object determine our perception and how we associate with the world, which influences me when deciding the character's form, gesture, and color. The character is usually in children's size, a metaphor for our inner child. The body gesture and actions of the character express certain emotions with subtle details. The clear part of the character represents our consciousness. The color part brings in emotion and guides the audience's focus when looking at the work. 

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